5 Ways to Save Money when getting Fit

Getting fit can be expensive if you don’t have the right information or advice. The big costs are gym membership, new footwear and clothing, personal training, and supplements and protein drinks. Below are five simple tips to save cash!

1) Use a price comparison website to find the lowest prices.

There are lots of price comparison websites, kelkoo, pricerunner, even google has “google product search”. Simple type in the product you want, e.g. Nike trainers, and these sites will search thousands of websites in less than a second. The results  are then ordered starting the lowest price. It is best to try a few price comparison sites to make sure you have found the lowest price.

2) Use Promotional Codes and Coupons

Once you have found the lowest price, do a search for the shop name and promotional code in google, e.g. “Tesco promotional code”. Pick up the code and then use it when buying online. You get these voucher codes completely free. If you are in American do a search for coupons instead, as this is a more common term in the USA.

3) Workout at home instead of buying gym membership

If you have a garage, shed, or spare room you could workout at home. Working out at home does have some advantages, you put more effort in without looking embarrassed, you can get up and not even shower with your ahir everywhere and do your workout, it will save time because you don’t need to travel to and from the gym, you computer is nearby so you can get advice quickly, and you can record all your workouts for trend analysis. Ross has produced some excellent articles and videos on home training, and even how to make you own gym equipment.

4) Don’t be fool into thinking at new footwear and clothes will help

Expensive new trainers and clothes will not make you run faster, or workout harder, or make the workout easier. Put on old t-shirts, they are gonna get sweaty and stretched. Footwear is more important but along as your trainers are not worn out they will be fine. Or consider doing your workout bare footed, lots of weight lifter work in just their sock, so if it good enough for them it is good enough for you.

5) Get a gym buddy not a personal trainer

A personal trainer might cost £50 per hour, so for three workouts a week that is going to be £150 a week or £600 a month, a LOT of money. Find a friend who knows what they are doing, or have a chat with the fittest guy at the gym for some advice, they are usually really happy to help. Once you get to know him ask if you could double up with him. Try and pay him back now and then with a free coffee or his favourite protein drink.

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